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5 Best Ways You Can Contact Jumia Customer Care

If you find yourself contemplating how to reach out to Jumia Customer Care regarding your queries or issues, you’ve come to the right destination.

Jumia stands as the foremost online shopping platform in Africa, providing a diverse array of products and services to its clientele. What distinguishes Jumia from other e-commerce platforms is its unwavering commitment to customer care.

Jumia’s customer care transcends conventional practices of addressing customer queries; it aspires to deliver outstanding service through multiple communication channels. Whether you seek clarification about your orders or encounter service-related challenges, Jumia presents several avenues to connect with their Customer Care team for swift assistance.

This article will explore the five primary methods to contact Jumia Customer Care, ensuring a prompt and efficient resolution to your needs.

By leveraging these communication channels, customers can effortlessly articulate their concerns and receive immediate guidance or support from the customer care team.

Additionally, these diverse contact channels serve as platforms for customers to offer feedback or suggestions, enabling them to share both positive and negative experiences. This feedback aids Jumia in refining its services and addressing any deficiencies.

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Jumia NG Homepage Table of Contents How To Reach Jumia Customer Care (2023)

  1. Jumia Customer Care Number In the era of burgeoning online shopping popularity, Jumia recognizes the necessity to provide efficient customer care services to address any customer issues. One effective means to contact Jumia’s customer care is through their helpline number.

This furnishes customers with a direct line of communication with the company’s representatives, ensuring timely assistance.

Here is a list of contact numbers for your convenience:

+23418881106 +23418881100 +23412772367 +23412778900 0700 600 0000

Please take note of the operating hours:

Monday – Friday: 8 am-8 pm Saturday: 9 am-5 pm Public Holidays: 9 am-5 pm

These operational hours ensure ample time for contacting Jumia’s Customer Care. However, if you encounter difficulties using these numbers, rest assured, alternative options are available.

  1. Contact Via Jumia Email Address Contacting Jumia via email is an effective and convenient means to communicate with Jumia’s customer support team. The advantage lies in the convenience it offers, allowing for documented communication records and facilitating better follow-up.

Customers can convey their queries or concerns at any time without enduring long phone queues or physical store visits. This method enables customers to provide comprehensive information and attachments related to their queries, aiding Jumia’s support team in better understanding and addressing issues.

The official Jumia email for inquiries or complaints is For a prompt response, include essential details such as your order tracking number, product details, and contact information.

Note: Email responses may take some time, typically between 24 to 48 hours. Exercise patience while awaiting a reply.

  1. Jumia Social Media Platforms Acknowledging the growing significance of social media, Jumia has established connections with customers through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Engaging with Jumia through social media offers a rapid response time, as their customer care team is highly active and responsive on these channels. This not only saves customers time but also ensures immediate assistance when needed the most.

Whether addressing product-related queries or concerns about an order, Jumia’s social media presence facilitates direct communication between the company and its customers.

For sensitive information, consider private chat or avoid sharing such details to prevent potential leaks.

Facebook: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter:

  1. Contact Via Jumia Live Chat Jumia’s Live Chat feature provides real-time, personalized customer support, offering a convenient way to receive immediate assistance with inquiries, order tracking, issue resolution, or any other questions.

To initiate a Live Chat with Jumia’s Customer Care team:

Visit the Jumia website or mobile app. Log into your account. Click on the “Help” option, typically found in the top right-hand corner. Select “Live Chat.” Fill in your details to start the chat.

During the Live Chat, provide all necessary details, including your order number for product-specific issues. Feel free to suggest potential solutions to your problem.

  1. Jumia WhatsApp Number In the digital age, instant messaging is crucial for communication. WhatsApp, with over 2 billion users worldwide, offers a seamless way to connect with businesses.

Recognizing this, Jumia provides a direct way to contact them via WhatsApp. Add the official Jumia WhatsApp number, 0906 222 2293, or 018881106, to your contacts and initiate a chat for swift responses and assistance.

Using this messaging platform allows you to promptly address inquiries, receive immediate responses, and access relevant information and support.


Conclusion Jumia remains dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction by offering various convenient channels to address inquiries and concerns efficiently.

Whether your preference is direct phone calls, email correspondence, social media interaction, Live Chat, or WhatsApp, Jumia’s Customer Care team stands ready to assist you. Choose the method that aligns with your preferences for a seamless and enjoyable online shopping experience with Jumia.

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