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6 Best Ways You Can Check Your MTN Number (2024)

Whether you’ve recently changed phones, obtained a new SIM card, or are struggling to recall your own number, discovering your MTN number is a straightforward task with several accessible methods.

This guide will lead you through various quick and convenient ways to retrieve your MTN number, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity without any hassle.

If you prefer using codes, mobile apps, reaching out to friends, or checking the back of your SIM card, there’s a method tailored to suit your preference. Let’s explore these options to easily uncover and confirm your MTN number.

Table of Contents: 6 Methods to Check Your MTN Number

1. MTN Code, 123#:

  • Dial *123# on your MTN line.
  • Select “Account Info” by typing or replying with “1.”
  • Choose “My Number” by typing or replying with “1.”
  • A screen will display your MTN Number.
  • Copy, screenshot, or note down the number.

2. USSD Code 1231*1# or 663#:

  • Dial 1231*1# or *663# on your MTN line.
  • A screen will automatically display your MTN Number.
  • Copy, screenshot, or note down the number.
  • An SMS containing your MTN Number will also be sent to you.

3. MTN Mobile App:

  • Download the MTN Mobile App from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Open the app and proceed to the welcome screen.
  • Click on “Proceed” to access the dashboard.
  • Your MTN number and other vital information will be displayed.
  • Copy or note down the number.

4. Ask or Call A Friend:

  • Reach out to a friend who has your number saved on their phone.
  • Retrieve your MTN number swiftly and effortlessly.

5. Call MTN Customer Care:

  • Dial 300 from your MTN line or 08031000180 from other networks.
  • If outside the country, dial +2348031000180 to reach the care team.

6. Check the back of your SIM card:

  • Locate your MTN number on the back of your SIM card.

Reminder: Save your MTN number in easily accessible places, such as your phone contacts or a secure online notepad, to ensure you never lose or forget it. Checking your MTN number is a simple process, and by following these methods, you can easily find it whenever needed, regardless of your location or internet access.

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