7 Steps to start a Makeup Business

Makeup Business in Nigeria
Makeup Business in Nigeria

Makeup Business in Nigeria

Firstly, Why Makeup a Business?

A Makeup Business dealer sells beauty products, satisfying customer’s beauty needs. A makeup business is a lucrative business nowadays because all young ladies want to look beautiful and attractive so they all spend their cash on cosmetics.

There are several kinds of Makeup Business to establish which includes;


Lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras, foundation, and eyeshadows

Body Makeup includes varieties like concealer, foundation, brush, nails, and many more.

Steps to start a Makeup Business

There are Seven Steps to guide you in starting a Makeup business.

Choose a product

Choosing a product require time and you must have learned a lot about the product you want to be a dealer on;

What is your interest in that particular product?

What are customer’s or people’s demands/What is their mode of interest?

We implore you to start with one or two kinds of Makeup Businesses to start with, gradually you can enlarge your business but start with little to be able to identify the choice of people demand.

Develop a Business Plan

You should develop a business plan to aid you to identify what you want to sell, who you want to sell it to, and how you plan to sell it.

Your business plan should have these qualities;

A company overview

Organogram of your Business/ Business structure

Marketing and sales strategy

Business files which include contracts, legal documentation, tax information, etc.

Fund and Take Care of the Legalities

To own a business requires capital and there are several ways to come up with this capital.

You could fund your business with your own savings but if you don’t have the money of your own, you have the option of either borrowing the money or seeking investors.

To take out a business loan, you can start by reaching out to banks and any other legit loan investors.

Take care of Legalities

Also, you will need to register your business. An LLC should suffice, but a “doing business as” (DBA) or corporation may work better. How you classify your business will depend on local legal requirements.

It’s important that your business is its own legal entity. In the event that an accident occurs due to one of your cosmetic products, you’ll want to make sure you’re protected as an individual.

You will also need to seek a tax identification number for your business entity so that you can pay taxes. This is called an employer identification number (EIN).

Build Your Brand/Develop Your Product

A brand is essentially the personality you build for your business. It should be designed to connect with your target audience.

Pay close attention to the materials and ingredients you use when you manufacture cosmetics.

Always make sure your product is worth what you plan to price tag it. Overcharging customers will not bring them back.

Test Your Products

Always test your products so that you can advertise them in an honest way so as to know more about the product you are selling to your customer.

It is when you test the product that you know more about the product, its usefulness, and how it’s works,s and especially if it worth selling for your customer.

Make sure they are the quality you expected in terms of size, color, and texture. You may have to go through several rounds of testing before getting it just right.

Design a Digital Storefront.

Many makeup businesses excel in the world of e-commerce. Even if you plan to sell your products in physical stores, you’ll likely opt for an online platform as well

Your website should include a home page, an ‘about page, a contact page, and shop pages. The shop pages should be easily searched, sorted so that your it will be more easier and flexible to your customer to find.

Ensure that you use a secure paywall so your customers’ sensitive information is never compromised. Adding payment features like PayPal or plan options also enrich the user experience.

Launch your product

Once you have done the necessary guidelines listed above, everything is ready to go, it is time to launch. Get your customer excited for the big day and start making sales.

Hope you find this article useful, thanks for reading❤️.

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