All Time Top 10 Best African Songs

All Time Top 10 Best African Songs

In the whole wide world, it is recognized that African songs are very popular and have a specific traditional rhythm, with a mixture of western pop culture music.
That being said, it’s very much likely for one to be easily excited by African songs and be put in the mood to dance immediately!
Normally the list of such songs is very long, but here in justnaijabase we’ve narrowed it down to the best top ten African songs of all time…
1. African Queen by 2Face Idibia (Nigerian)
2face popularly known as tubaba, is one of Nigeria’s and Africa’s biggest king of African pop music. 2face being a successful artist, has won lots of awards and has many of his songs on top charts and Billboards. His songs are very popular all over the world.
African Queen is a beautiful song featuring his smooth vocals, celebrating the “African women” and how they should be perceived. This song makes African women feel confident about themselves and it makes them feel special.
From the music video, you can observe a great work of art, and you’d see the women singing along and performing other actions to portray their flawless beauty.
The song was released in the year 2004, and has raised many controversies over the years.
2. Nomakhanjani’ by Brenda Fassie (South African)
Brenda can be considered as one of Africa’s first international artists. Her songs are very popular and she’s considered a successful African musician.
She’s best known for her song ‘Nomakhanjani’, which is famous in South Africa but still widely known in other parts of the continent.
The song talks about Brenda’s love life, and how she fell in love with a man, how she couldn’t resist him also even though he has many imperfections.
The song was released in the year 1999, though it was her 14th album, it quickly gained recognition all over South Africa, both on TV and radio stations.
Soon it became her signature song and had almost a million sales in that time. It became south Africa’s best seller, winning many awards.
The great success of Nomakhanjani made her a global respectable name. The song also achieved great international recognition and was included on several compilations even after Brenda’s death in 2004 after an asthma attack.
3. Malaika by Fadhili Williams (Kenyan).
Malaika was released earlier by Fadhili in the year 1963, and it’s the Swahili translation for Angel. It has been on record as one of the best music yet released by a Kenyan.
The song is about a woman who is described as being “beautiful in every way.”  It explains to its listeners why beauty should be appreciated and cherished in every way, and how perfect it is.
Malaika is probably underrated, but it has definitely gained wide spread popularity in the whole of Africa, Europe and America, because of its groove and melody.
4. Once a Slave’ by Project Monkz, featuring Maulana (Ghanaian)
Once a Slave, also referred to as “Black Man’s Inferiority Complex,” is a very famous African song by black monks, who are a popular raggae group in Ghana.
The collaboration with Maulana, was released in the year 2006 and has remained relevant and famous in their discography ever since.
The concept of the song, helps to liberate the minds of free thinkers in the world especially black men, as it tends to encourage them to embrace their fate as slaves and face any challenges that they may have afterwards, instead of living in their shells and inferiority complex.
“Once a Slave” is a song that sets the tone for an empowering message that is meant to inspire the Black man to be proud of his culture and ditch the black man’s inferiority complex vis-à-vis the white race.
The song tries to bring to light that slavery is a myth  promoted by the whites and blacks should grow beyond captivity of the mind.
5. Mezez Alew’by Aster Aweke (Ethiopian)
Ethiopians should be given great accolades for blessing the music industry with several remarkable songs such as Mezez Alew by Aweke.
Aster is one of the most famous female artists in her country and is well known for releasing soul touching music with her melodious voice.
Aweke may not have the notoriety of American musical icon Beyonce or international sensation Madonna. Nevertheless, in her native country, she is a musical legend. She has been nominated for many honors and awards throughout her career and enjoys huge mainstream popularity.
The idea and general concept of the song, is that if you are in love with someone, just feel free to be with them at all times no matter what sacrifices comes with it.
The song has so many romantic catch to it and can be used as a love relationship advice even though it’s viewed from the point of view of a woman.
Mezz is Ethiopian for juice, and Alew’ means “you” in Amharic, the main language of Ethiopia. And holds several amazing concepts to it, helping listeners apply them to their love life events.
6. Zamina Mina (Zangalewa) by Golden Sounds (Cameroonian)
A popular Cameroonian dance group called “Golden Sounds”, we’re the ones to originally release the song Zamina Mina in the year 1986, and it was a major hit song.
It has been used and remixed by various international artists all over the globe, including Shakira who sang it during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.
“Zamina Mina” was originally sung by Cameroon’s Golden Sounds, a makossa dance group popular for its energetic and lively performances.
It has remained on of the biggest hit singles in Cameron over the past decades, and was nominated to be among the top 10 best African songs.
It was said to be Africa’s national anthem and gained wide spread recognition both local and foreign.
Zamina Mina centers around an infectious dance beat and a rousing chorus that celebrates heroism, human triumph, and the struggle against oppression.
Even though the song provides a unique look at the traditional African sub-Saharan world view of humanity’s place in its environment, it has also been recognized as one of the first ever popular music be a Cameroonian to be accepted internationally and also absorbed by Cameroonians living in diaspora.
7. Premier Gaou by Magic System (Ivorian)
Due to its distinguishable funky rhythm, Premier Gaou has been able to stand out effectively from other music, including those released years before it.
The chorus from Premier Gaou means first dance, and just like the name, it easily ignites one’s inner spirit and make you move subconsciously to its rhythm.
The song was released in the year 2002 and talks about how aman sees his girlfriend and how much she means to him. He describes her as being a “premier gaou” which means that she is the finest dancer in town. And has been recorded as one of Ivorian greatest hit music.
The song is a very famous song all over the world and brought Ivory Coast music to the world.
The song tells a story about the deep connection and feelings between a man and the woman he loves, no doubt why it makes every listener want to sing along and also dance passionately to every lyrics.
8. Wombo Lombo by Angelique Kidjo (Benin)
Wombo Lombo, is one of the greatest African songs, that reveals the true nature of African culture to its fullest and was released by Angelique.
The song is about the African spirit, no wonder it was able to easily capture the minds and love of the music listeners all over the world.
“Wombo Lombo” is a folk song that describes the feeling of energy and power that flows through Africa. It talks about the pride of being an African and the sense of belonging attached to it.
It was sung in French and English making it much more easier to relate to internationally.
The song is about a woman who is talking of her people and the glory they have brought to the African continent. The lyrics are amazing and simple to comprehend and assimilate.
9. Umqombothi’ by Yvonne Chaka Chaka (South African)
Umqombothi means African bear, and has been regarded as a special spot on amazing releases by a South African after the end of the apartheid known as Yvonne Chaka Chaka, whom wrote every lyrics of the song and played every instrument attached to it.
The song is said to be one of the best of South Africa and from the Zulu culture and “Umqombothi” is a Zulu word that means ‘to shake’ or ‘to stir’.
This song is a classic Zulu song, which is why it has a very distinct sound to it. It is a song about the effects of drinking African Beer, or rather how it makes one feel.
Because of the way it relates to the apartheid, many South Africans have shown their support and the song has also been bought massively and distributed in the United States of America.
The song Umqombothi, has a unique melody, with respect to the African pop music goddess Yvonne Chaka who has been called “South Africa’s Queen of Jazz” because she has recorded so many songs that are so popular and are considered classics in their own right.
10. Coupe Bibamba by Awilo Longomba (Congolese)
Awilo Longomba gained enormous recognition all over the world, and the musician who released it, Bibamba, is said to be the king of Ligana music.
The song was released in the year 1998, by Bibamba when he released the song “Coupe Bibamba,” which pushed him to the top of the African music industry.
The music Awilo brings out the joy of dancing in the listeners and great an atmosphere of our sweet energy and propels people to dance even at events and parties.
The relevance attached to the song cannot be over emphasized and is still being used at parties and ground breaking events.

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