Brief: The History of Gambling

Brief: The History of Gambling

Brief: The History of Gambling

Gambling dates as far back as the prehistoric era, a period of time immemorial. It has since evolved through ages and stands the test of a shift in civilizations to become the modern bettings and casinos delocalized globally.

Gambling or Betting involves the wagering of money or anything of value called ‘stake’ on an event of a game or sport with an uncertain outcome, of which if the game outcome favors the wager, he wins the prize (huge money or a valuable item), and if the game outcome proves otherwise, the wager loses both the stake and the prize.

The winning instinct and the price constitute a major motivation or driving force behind gambling. Gambling can be traced back to the 3000 BC civilization of Mesopotamia where the six-sided cube (dice) had its cradle. Japan has its history of gambling as early as the 14 century when cards were played as games and money or valuable items were staked.

In the US, poker was the prominent game in the 17th century, and it found its way through the centuries to become a base of gambling.

Over the ages, winners have smiled their way to the prize after the spin of a roulette wheel, the roll of a dice, the actualization of prediction, horse crossing the finishing line, etc.


Gambling and betting have been criticized and condemned by religious bodies over the ages as they considered it sinful, being a pleasure-seeking venture, the event of probability, and a platform that encourages indolence instead of diligence.

In the early centuries AD (pre-renaissance period) united kingdom and nations occupied by evangelical and Protestant Christianity have shown great disapproval of gambling.


Despite centuries of debate over the moral position of gambling and betting, it has found its way and gotten approval from the government and authorities. While this continues, only legalized or approved betting companies have the right to operate or establish bookmark shops and betting areas. Today many betting franchises exist globally and in every nook and cranny. Betting companies like Betway, Bet9ja, BlackBet, 1×Bet, and many others have risen over the years and taken over the spotlight.

Modern Gambling

Modern gambling is hinged on football across all continents. While horse racing, casinos, arcades, and other game modes made up the betting venture, football has dominated the betting world over the years.

As major league competitions and tournaments are organized, millions across the globe place their Bets. While it’s a winning story for some, others got a sad story to tell.

Thus betting and gambling have evolved over the years to what it is today.

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