See the Official Sponsors Of African Football


Official Sponsors Of African Football

A common question that may arise from our mind is “how do professional football leagues run their competitions?” Well! The answer to that question is “they got sponsor partners in form of companies and organizations who sponsor and finance the competitions, the league, in turn, advertises those companies.


Check out below are the major sponsors of CAF, the African football competitions at the league, and even the continental level.



Total is an energy company that produces natural gases, biofuels, and other low-carbon energy. It’s active in more than 130 countries. Total is a large company committed to providing better, bio-friendly, and more affordable energy making it accessible to everyone. They are major sponsors of African football competitions and provides ample findings.



Orange is a world-class telecommunication company with sales of 41 billion euros in 2018 and 149,000 employees worldwide (2019). It has a customer base of 264 million across the globe (31 March 2019). Its mobile customers are 204 million. It also has 20 million fixed broadband. Orange is indeed a global leading telecommunication operator wielding extraordinary impact in the technology-driven world of the 21st century.

Orange is a committed sponsor of African football, most especially the Africa cup of nations.



Visa is a digital payment merchant company and one of the world’s leading payment networks. They provide the most secure and reliable payment channel. It’s reported to be capable of carryout out over 65,000 transactions per second.

Visa plays a vital role in the sponsorship of African football tournaments.



1×BET is an international bookmarker or betting company with more than a decade of experience. It provides the best service in Digital Betting, casinos, slots, live casino, and in-house solutions. It’s one of the major betting companies in the world providing a top-grade service.

It’s one of the committed sponsors of African Football.



Continental is a top-grade tire manufacturing company that has earned international recognition over the years for its excellence and quality service. It’s one of the worlds leading tire manufacturing companies in the world. It is a great company with professional staff and administration.

It’s one of the sponsors of African football that makes it possible for football league competitions to take place.

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